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React vs Vue: What is the Best Framework for your Project in 2022?

React vs Vue: What is the Best Framework for your Project in 2022?

Stars vs Downloads vs Community vs Trends vs Universal Frameworks and Verdict.

Ravgeet Dhillon

Published on Dec 16, 2021

1 min read

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React and Vue are rising stars in the JavaScript front-end frameworks ecosystem. React is backed by Facebook, and Vue is completely a community-driven project. The choices that React developers and Vue developers make have consequences as the project size grows, but they may not realize them when they first pick up on over the other.

Both React and Vue can accomplish the same thing. However, they provide different paths to reach the final destination. In this article, you'll look at different comparisons that will help you differentiate between React and Vue and ultimately help you decide which one you should choose in your future projects.

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